Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear Libbi

As you quickly grow into the form of a real-life toddler, I have started noticing that MANY of your qualities are ones that have been handed to you by yours truly. And I apologize.

#1 -- You are an ugly crier.
I am so sorry Libbi, but this is something that will never, EVER change. You can ask anyone. I don't know how this happened, but your brother definitely got the better genes here. He can cry and then show no evidence of tears. You, on the other hand, develop hives all over your face and appear to have an insty-rash. Sometimes when you cry, strangers try to convince me that you are having an allergic reaction.

#2 -- You are what most would say "lacking" in coordination.

In this picture you look like you were marked by one of the St. Paul Winter Carnival Vulcans, but actually you attempted a backflip off the bed and crashed literally into the corner of the table. (One point of separation between us is that you handle pain extremely well, even your Daddy is impressed by that.) However, your face has taken some serious diggers. Most recently, which you can see in video is your biff to the lip. Good thing you are so stinkin' cute. You may have some scars to manage in the future (in addition to braces, which I think we all know is inevitable -- another genetic downfall.)

#3 -- People can misinterpret your actions.

For example in this picture, it would appear that you are trying to take Elliot's clothes off, which we all know (we do!) is not the case. Like me, you just prefer to watch TV when you are sitting on something. It is unfortunate, Libbi, but I can guarantee that you may be misunderstood for a good portion of your life into adulthood. Good intentions only get you so far.

However, with all of that being said, one thing, ONE BEAUTIFUL THING that we share in common is singing and dancing. And that is definitely a legacy I am happy to share.

You are a little dancin' machine and I love you!


  1. She's so cute! Penelope is the opposite of a daredevil. She needs to see Libbi in action...a little peer pressure will teach her to take some risks.

  2. I am going to love this. I really enjoyed the video.though my machine runs was like she was here. Keep this one going .Now I have to figure out how to put a pic up there.