Monday, May 31, 2010

Big Boy Bunkin', Beach Bummin', Slip Slidin' Weekend

Our uneventful weekend became pretty eventful with me and Elliot in charge.  We are going to be busy or gone nearly every weekend of the summer (I have asked Dustin to request like 100 days off), so this was going to be the relaxing weekend leading into the chaos.  But Elliot and I can't help ourselves when it comes to planning the perfect weekend.

First, major shift in toddler status for young Elliot.  After 2 years with the big boy bed, we officially flipped it (literally) into a bunk-style bed.  All of a sudden, I thought, "look at all the space he has" which translates unfortuantely for Dustin to "we need to hit up some more garage sales!"  He has done well every night so far and hasn't fallen out yet.

Although, his exact words, when he got up there were, "Guys, I am not sure how I feel about this."  Keep in mind, he is an entire 4 ft. off the ground.

For funsies, I thought I would show Dustin's latest creation ... Autobot Headquarters.

Seriously, there is no messing around with this thing.  It even has a door with hinges.

Saturday, we ventured to Lake Calhoun, and we enjoyed lots of sunshine and no gang activity.  No pictures here because we had a hard time keeping the kids in the same place.  And, Dustin and I prefer to avoid pictures of us in swimsuits most days.  Unfortunately, like most holiday weekends, Dustin had to work, so we cut the beach break short and headed back home.  Vanessa came over Saturday night and tried to make me drink two bottles of wine, but I refused.  It was nice to spend some quality time with her and know that she is happy.  I had a dream about confronting her ex that was non-eventful even though in my dream I really let him have it ... Since Dustin and I are on this homemade salsa kick lately, I have this idea of thinly slicing 3 or 4 jalepenos and then rubbing my fingers (with gloves on) in them and sticking them in his eyes.  Personally, I think this is genius, but who knows.  He certainly deserves it.  And, according to Elliot, "he should be in the 'whosegow', which is Spanish for 'jail'."  "Whosegow" is a word that my mom made up, and I am not sure where the Spanish part came in, but I think it is kind of clever.

Sunday, we actually went to church and then mostly hung inside during the rainout.  Lots of popcorn, lots of movies ... it was my choice this week (we take turns between the 3 of us) and I chose The Muppets Take Manhattan.  Excellent movie, I forgot how much I loved it as a kid.  How can you not love the rats using butter as ice skates on a frying pan?

Today however, was gorgeous and I wish Dustin could have been with us.  We started out with the intention of getting Elliot's hair cut (big babtism weekend comin' up), but they were closed, so instead, we went to Target and got a slip n' slide (among other things, necessary and unnecessary).  I never had one of these growing up, and now I think I know why ... this thing would have driven my dad crazy with his perfectly perfect, OCD-ish manicured lawn.

Elliot took to it like I took to sliding bases in high school.  Run really fast and fall down.

So, he opted to sit in the chairs and play with his "Monster Blaster."  Watch out all of you visiting next weekend, this WILL be coming to the pool.

Libbi liked the slip n' slide but was more interested in the chips n' salsa.

We could buy stock in Tostitos the way she plows through this stuff.

She was incredibly helpful, however, with the watering of the flowers ...

When the water actually made it to the flowers.

We captured bugs, blew bubbles, captured more bugs ...

And captured more bugs.  We even ended the night with grilled salmon, sweet corn, homemade salsa (there it is again) and went to Dairy Queen for dessert.

However, this was my favorite moment of the day ...

We were playing Go Fish (p.s. I can always win because he lays all of his cards out), and Elliot throws his arms behind his head and says, "Hey Mommy ... Daddy sits like this, you know.  And I want to be just like my daddy."  For the love of everything sweet ...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Spider

Elliot came home from school the other day and was talking to me about his new friend, Daisy.

"Daisy and I did 'the spider' together."

"Oh really?" -- what the hell is "the spider" I was thinking?

"Yep, we did.  First she was on top, but then it kind of made my penis feel funny, so then I had to be on top."

I am thinking, "we have another name for this" and "why is this starting so early?" and still wondering "seriously, what is 'the spider'?"

Then I picked up Elliot yesterday afternoon, and as I walked onto the playground, I saw two kids riding on the swing, facing each other, with their legs set across from each other.

First thought -- "That can't be safe."
Second thought - "That looks kind of dirty."

I went about my business, and sat down by Kathy, one of the teachers.  I asked her what they were doing, and she said, "The Spider."

"Ohhhhh ..."

I proceeded to tell her about Elliot & Daisy's "experience" and she said, "Oh, that's funny because Daisy's mom came to school the other day and asked about the boy who has been 'riding' Daisy."

Here is a Google family that I pulled off the web doing, "The Spider."  I learn something new every day.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Hazel and Brown-Eyed Girl

So after 3 LONG visits to the eye doctor over the last year and a half, Libbi's new ophthalmologist at the University of Minnesota finally made a diagnosis on her eye.   Libbi has "ocular melanosis" in her left eye (the brown one), which is a fancy way of saying that she has an overproduction of melanin, both in the iris and the sclera (the white part).  It happens to about 1 in 5000 people.  Her right eye is perfectly fine, as is her vision (for now, although she does have a slight stigmatism and will most likely need glasses eventually -- at least they make them cuter now; I'll post a picture of my first set of glasses ... they were awful, pink, plastic -- just a gross set of eyewear).  Ocular melanosis (also called Nevas of Ota) is a congenital birth defect (like a birth mark on her eye).  I attached more information about it below.  Basically, it is a cosmetic disease, although I love her different colored eyes, so I wouldn't change it.  There is a slight chance that later in life she could develop melanoma in her eye, but we will continue to check in once a year with Dr. Bothun and make sure she is clear! =)  For now, she is just a beautiful hazel and brown-eyed little girl! ♥

Sunday, May 16, 2010

House of Social Butterflies

It was a busy weekend at the Stone house.  We pretty much moved non-stop until tonight, which would lead one to think that the kids are now tucked away, snoozing, and dreaming wondrous dreams.  Absolutely not.  Dustin and I were finishing up The Marriage Ref on DVR (P.S. Hilarious show -- highly recommend it depending on who the panel is) and I hear that huge toddler sniffle (the one where it sounds like an entire noseful of snot just made its way back home).  I said, "Dustin, press pause, what is that?  Is Elliot awake?"  He said, "I don't know, go check on him."  I practically ran him over with his own bedroom door.  That little rugrat was laying on the hardwood floor against the door, listening to The Marriage Ref.  I said, "What are you doing?"  "I don't know," he said.  "You don't know?!?!  Get your butt back in bed."  The crazy thing is, he seemed really surprised at my response.  "Mommy," he whimpered ... "I love you."  I am still shaking my head.

Elliot was the Superstar at pre-school this past week, which is basically the equivalent of being homecoming king for a 4 1/2 year old, and maybe that explains why he thought he was cool enough to bootleg The Marriage Ref at 9:30 on a Sunday night.

This is the board that we made for him to show his class.  He loves talking about all things Elliot.

This is Elliot with his buddy AndrĂ©s from pre-school.  I loved listening to their conversations all morning on Saturday.  "Let's play Star Wars."  "Okay, I want to be Luke, you be Obi-Wan."  "Okay, I am going to be a storm trooper."  "Okay, I am going to be a storm trooper, too."  "I thought you were Luke."  "Okay, I'll be Luke." 

Saturday night, I went to our Social Butterfly event for CCRF.  Libbi decided she was coming, too.

"I've got my pearls and my bracelet and I am all set.  Where's our cab?"

I invited a bunch of people to the party, and loyalist Kate showed up enmasse with her sisters.

Vanessa (La Isla Bonita) and Jeremy came as well.  I am not a fan of this awkward hands-on-the-hips pose.  Not natural for me.  Very natural for Vanessa.

Me and my favorite mommy blogger and co-worker, Laura for a night out sans little people.

And finally my date showed up to resuce me!  I was completely out of my element at what is considered one of the swankiest clubs in the city.  It was all worth it though when I saw a woman faceplant on the sidewalk getting out of a limo while we were waiting for our car.  Impeccable timing.

A good time was had by all, and I took it easy (for those of you worrying out there).  300+ people came out to support our mission to end childhood cancer, and many got silly drunk in the process (eh-hem, Vanessa and Jeremy).

Sunday was Children's Day at St. Joan's, and they kicked off the event with the pre-schoolers singing to the entire congregation.  Elliot is in the upper left corner, and notice ... he is doing the exact opposite of every other kid in the bleachers.  It looks like he is performing to an invisible audience sitting on the keyboard.

What's up Minneapolis!

What's down there ...

After church (and a delicious lunch at OC ... Mmmm, ranch) I completed a 6-mile training walk with Naomi, and then ended the day perfectly with a delish dinner on the deck.  Libbi even tried her first corn on the cob and actually did it right ... eventually.

"What?  I can do it this way if I want to."


Then, because Dustin was jealous of all the exercise I got this afternoon, he decided that he would finish his night with some "Elliot curls."  Elliot hates this as I am sure you can imagine.

I better go make sure that Elliot is actually in his bed and not listening to the Family Guy under the door.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mono-Free Mother's Day Weekend

It was so nice to wake up every day this weekend and feel 100% again (good riddens kissing disease!). I was even able to stay up late both nights, enjoy a few beers, and actually wake up fresh (thanks to Sharon for answering the early wake-up calls by the little people ... one at 5:45 on Saturday morning! Elliot ... really?  That never happens at our house -- must be something about the thrill of Grandma and Grandpas ... or the whip cream that comes on everything.)

I took these of Libbi right before we left for Jackson.  I can't believe how grown up she looks ... I didn't care if she was eating -- I found myself just staring at her ...

One of my favorite things about going to visit Dustin's old stomping ground.  You can never see too many rainbows.  Elliot told us to drive to the end of it so that we could see the leprechan and his stash of gold.

Elliot actually took this photo of Libbi.  The boy might have an eye for photography ... or just a really cute subject!

Saturday morning, we basically laid around and watched Libbi and Elliot bounce off the walls (literally).

Saturday night, I watched Dustin and his friends drink shots out of a ski.

They did a really nice job!  I was impressed, most of all by Stacy who stood on a bucket to balance out the height issue.  Well done!

I thought this was funny.  Elliot denied his own dad on a fist bump.

Mother's Day brunch at the Hi-Lo Club.  Something about Libbi in this picture reminds me of Robert DeNiro in Meet the Fockers.

Elliot was even more thrilled about our seating arrangement than I was.  It is hard to tell in this photo, but we basically got placed under a 10x10 gazebo, with lights, curtains, the works.  Elliot thought it was so cool that "The Stone Family ... and Grandpa and Grandma" got their own room!  We were like visiting royalty ... I've never enjoyed a more spacious buffet.  I can't wait to go back.

Many attemps, but this is the best we could do.  I guess we just need to take more pictures. =)

On the way home, Pippi muist have stuck her finger in an outlet when I wasn't looking.  Cheese!!!

And we can't forget about Boo ... or can we?  Poor thing came down in a roomy van, and spent the ride home in the corner of an SUV. 

All in all, a great Mother's Day weekend, culminating with the highly anticipated iPod shuffle.  A happy mama = happy family. ♥

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The squeaky wheel gets the iPod shuffle + + +

I will post pictures tomorrow from our weekend in Jackson, but had to get this down before I went to bed tonight ...

Elliot and I conspired, and I DID end up with my iPod shuffle (yay), but my real Mother's Day gifts are with me every day. I have awesome kids.

As I was putting Elliot down to sleep tonight, I said "Elliot, do you know that you are the best Mother's Day present ever?"

And he said, "Why?"

And I said, "Because you are the sweetest, most fabulous boy in the whole world and you belong to me."

And he said, "Aww mom, you are my favorite and best mommy that I ever saw."

I love that kid. Mwah.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tickle Me Libbi

There is nothing more entertaining for me lately than listening to Libbi laugh. It is purely contagious. Usually we put clothes on her, but her shirt happened to be covered in artichoke dip.

Back to Life!

I am back from the dead and ready to blog again. How a 32 year-old mother of two gets mono I am still trying to figure out, but in the mean time, I am just so happy to be feeling like a normal human being. I essentially missed out on the last 6 weeks of my spring following an impromptu gall bladder removal. I am guessing my system was just stripped off everything protective in the hospital, and then opened the door (with a giant "ENTER HERE!" sign) to the following: extreme fatigue, strep throat, an ear infection, sweating like a 500 lb. man, and the best of all, the symptom that rounded things out for me last weekend ... a full-body rash! Woo-hoo! Seriously, the worst 6 weeks of my life. I tried to have fun at Trivia (which I look forward to all year) and tried to be entertaining for the kids (as much as possible), but for the most part I was a pile of tired.

But I am BACK!

Here are some recent pics from Trivia and our mini-golfing excursion.

Elliot is 4 and 1/2 going on 15. Where's my learner's permit?

Mini-golfing was more about things to climb on that actually focusing on the holes ...

Or watching for low clearances.

Libbi didn't try to hit the ball in the hole once. However, she carried her putter and ball for the entire 18 holes.

One of my "shinier" moments during Trivia.

Kisses for Daddy.

Little Trivia cheerleaders in the making. Lily was way more into this than Libbi -- she gets that from her mom. I didn't like cheerleaders either.