Friday, May 7, 2010

Living w/o FSN

So Dustin and I have been trying to figure out places to cut and save and make smarter decisions ... growing up, right?

As part of our cuts, we decided to streamline our cable w/ DirecTV to a family package. Seemed like a good idea at the time ... until the Twins season started. Almost all of the Twins games are broadcast on FSN (Fox Sports North for those of you non-MNsotans.) Which means, we basically get to watch Twins games on Sunday only.

Last night, Elliot had a brilliant idea to watch the Twins game together. What fun, right?

Dustin said, "Great Elliot, which bar do you want to go to?"

Elliot said, "I don't know, which bar do you want to go to Dad?" :)


  1. That's hilarious! Or you could go to the Twins stadium...but I guess cable would probably be cheaper than season tickets.

  2. Ring, Ring.

    I did that too. Since I was unemployed for 6 months (or a struggling freelance designer/musician depending on the day you asked me) I was cutting costs and the first thing to go was cable. I spent so much money going to Twins games and at the bar last summer that I needed a new solution. Had I not moved away I would have had to pony up for cable or DirecTV again

    One of the few benefits of being away from the Twin Cities is I can sign up for MLB.TV and watch every Twins game (on my iPhone, Laptop or TV) except when they're playing the Royals.

    I'm working on a pitch to FSN North to have a monthly subscription service to stream their channel online. I'll let you know when that comes to fruition.


  3. Dustin wants to create an a la carte cable service so that we can just pick and choose our stations based on the season. I've had a flashback to my childhood this spring, listening to most all of the games on the radio. Ho-hum.
    Thanks for calling Family Stone in the City!

  4. Hi, thanks for having me. Long time listener (reader), first time caller (commenter).

    Cable companies are going to have to go to an a la carte / web streaming option sooner than later if they want to continue being relevant. I don't even have cable down here. I watch all of my tv/sports on Hulu, MLB.TV & Network websites and then I have a digital antenna so I can watch local channels.

    I'll be sure to loop Dustin in when I book that meeting with the FSN North execs ;-)